Meet The Woman Behind The Vision


Vanessa Jackson-Fields is a Woman, Mother, Nurse, Domestic Violence Advocate, Business
Owner and Phenomenal Playwright! Her humble upbringing from a poverty stricken
neighborhood did not rob her of her dreams. Vanessa started her Play Production Company,
Woman With A Vision in 2003. As an Advocate for Domestic Violence, each play has a story
that takes the audience by storm, bringing deliverance through love and forgiveness.


She has written, directed and produced several play productions over the years, such as,"In
Bondage," "Moment of Rage," "Restoration," "Living Behind The Mask, " "The McCormicks,"
"Nobody Is A Nobody,” "Baby Girl 1 and 2, " "Flaws - A Love Story," and "She's My Rose”. As a community outreach initiative for the youth, Vanessa founded S.T.E.P (Straight Talk Empowerment Project) along with “Spring Break," a teenage alcohol awareness play production. Her upcoming play production,

"If Only In My heart, A love story" will be coming February 29th of this year.



Email: vjvision2016@gmail.com

Phone:  (940) 389-5802

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